The District Story

Dinner and a Movie.

Americans have been pairing the two for nearly a century. And in those hundred years the experience has changed very little. While the technology has improved, the cornerstones of theater are really the same: popcorn, soda, seats and the screen. Star Cinema Grill initially got noticed for its luxury experience with great food and drinks. But it was the neighborhood that made it a success. In the beginning most of the staff lived close by and the guests were literally neighbors from around the corner. The passion for providing truly personal service has brought the brand a lot of success in the years since. And so much of that is owed to our family and friends in Webster where it all began. But when you are serving thousands of guests per day, all over the city, it just can't be the same as it was back in the beginning...

...or can it?

Our new concept aims to do just that. Star Cinema Grill is not going anywhere. In fact, by this time next year it will be in more places in Houston than ever before. But this summer we are going back to where it all started.

District Theatres is going back to Webster to re-imagine the traditional movie experience with our friends and neighbors. However, instead of restaurant style service with waiters bringing a meal to your seat, guests will find a more traditional experience that begins with a classic concession stand. But, in addition to popcorn, candy and soda that you would typically expect, we will be serving up a delicious cafe style menu featuring grilled sandwiches, artisan flatbreads, gourmet salads and homemade desserts. And fear not, there is definitely a bar. A bar that will have 18 draft beers, craft cocktails and an exclusive wine list. Then, with food and cocktails in hand and your ticket from one of our self-service kiosks, you will enjoy your feature presentation in the most comfortable seat in town...a high end luxury recliner.
All auditoriums are still the same intimate size you've loved for years, but they've all been upgraded with hi tech goodies like Sony 4K projectors and Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound.

We are truly blessed that Houston has responded so well to Star Cinema Grill. But the larger scale theater with seat side service is not for everyone. District Theatres is for those that want to avoid the traffic and stay close to home, but still want a unique and personal experience with friends and family.