5 Dollar December event at District Theatres

5 Dollar December

The holidays are just around the corner.
You're already tired, you're worried about gifts, you're anxious about meeting family...

Well, District Theatres is here to give you one less thing to worry about. We're bringing in 5 DOLLAR DECEMBER!
For the days from Friday, December 8 through Wednesday, December 13, all movies are just $5 each.

Yes, ALL MOVIES. Justice League? Five bucks a ticket. Coco? Five bucks a ticket. Wonder? Five bucks a ticket!
And this offer is all day, for any movie, on the days from Friday 12/8 to Wednesday 12/13. If we're playing it, it's $5!

But wait, there's MORE! We'll have two holiday favorites playing at District Theatres - 
the modern family classic Elf, starring Will Ferrell, and for the grown-ups we'll have Bruce Willis in Die Hard!
And both of those shows are playing for only ONE DOLLAR a ticket. (We are not going to debate this, Die Hard is a Christmas movie.)

Naturally, this offer is for our regular shows - private events and special presentations are not part of 5 Dollar December,
and it's only for the dates covered, so you can't by tickets for movies that play Thursday the 14th onward and expect $5 tickets.
But for these six magical days, tickets are only $5 each (and ELF and DIE HARD are only $1), and if that doesn't fill you with holiday cheer, nothing will!

Tickets are on sale now, so enjoy your show at District Theatres - for only $5 a ticket!

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